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Dean/Jo Fanfic: Art, vids, polls and fic!
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Hello everyone!

Welcome to Dean/Jo Fanfic. :)

Some important rules:

All fan fiction must contain Dean/Jo although the relationship does not have to be the sole purpose of the fic, (Also Jo does not have to be the sole focus of the fiction itself.). Other pairings within the same fic are also welcome.

Remember to always display the rating and standard fanfic information in your post and to post the actual fic itself behind and LJ cut.

Please keep the fanfics and all other items Wincest-free. That means no pairings like Dean/Jo/Sam, and no ‘Wincest if you squint’.

Artwork, (such as icons, wallpaper and other things) is accepted as long as Dean/Jo is the focus.

Also Vids and Polls and any other fun things you can think of! As long as it's Dean/Jo related. :)

…and remember…Have FUN!